Aluminium sliding doors are a great option for opening up your home to the outdoors without losing valuable space on the inside or out.

The minimal design is ideal for a diverse range of homes, both traditional and contemporary. Our glass sliding doors are versatile and durable, coming with Egolidor’s 7-year warranty for guaranteed performance.

Our aluminium glass sliding doors also have the option of double glazing. Double glazing can help to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer, making for effective energy saving and climate control.

Our glass aluminium sliding doors are available in a wide range of styles and configurations, including:

  • Standard Sliding Door Range, with 2 panels for smaller openings.
  • Entertainer or Stacker Sliding Door Range, with 3 or more panels.
  • Bi-Parting Sliding Door Range, with 4 or more panels, opening from the centre.
  • Corner Sliding Door Range, with multiple panels opening from a corner, with no corner post for the ultimate alfresco area.

Designed for a sleek, modern finish, our sliding doors are a great solution for both visual impact and practicality. We supply aluminium sliding doors across South Africa from Johannesburg, Pretoria and Limpopo. If you’d like to visit one of our showrooms, get in touch to book an appointment today.


  • DURABLE POWDERCOAT FINISH-Available in a wide range of state specific colours.
  • RANGE OF GLASS OPTIONS-Obscure, tinted & energy efficient options, including double glazing.
  • LOCKABLE HARDWARESupplied with factory fitted keyed lock as standard.
  • BACKED BY THE Egolidor WARRANTY-10 years for non-moving parts, 3 years for moving parts, 1 year for glass.
  • FULLY SABS COMPLIANT – Engineered and independently tested for full compliance.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL BUILDING TYPES-Render, brick and block work, precast panels and lightweight construction.
  • STANDARD SIZES TO SUIT BRICK OPENINGS-Eliminating the need to cut bricks on site.
  • DESIGNED WITH STYLE IN MIND-No unsightly visible drainage holes, screws or rivets.
  • UNIQUE INLINE REVEAL AS STANDARD-Providing superior energy efficiency & easy installation.
  • SMOOTH GLIDING OPERATION-Even when double glazed.


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