Awning aluminum windows are one of the two kinds of windows (the other being casement windows) considered the “crank window” type. With awning windows, the crank mechanism is designed to open them outward through a hinge located at the top portion of the window.

Built for durability, Egolidors aluminium awning windows are designed to give you complete satisfaction through years of trouble-free operation.

Our aluminium awning windows come with smooth-action winders to give you effortless control over the amount of ventilation you require. In addition, the home windows themselves have sturdy, slim frames to provide strength and security in all weather conditions. A weatherproof seal keeps out drafts, dust, and rain.

Optional features include fully integrated, interior fly screens, as well as key locks for added security.


Aluminium awning windows are suitable for any area that requires an easy-to-open window. They can also be positioned higher on walls than other types of easy-to-open windows. They can be placed above furniture or benches, with the opening remaining easily accessible.

When awning windows are used in bathrooms and bedrooms, they provide adequate ventilation whilst also helping to maintain privacy. Awning windows are also an excellent option if you’re looking to make your home more energy-efficient and well-insulated from external noise.

Aside from these obvious benefits of awning windows, they have other features that make them the ideal window type:

  • Durable, low-maintenance, easy-clean aluminium profiles
  • A comprehensive 10-year warranty for your peace of mind
  • Enhanced strength and security from hollow sections
  • Full-width winder support for greater visual appeal
  • Full perimeter sash seals for positive sealing
  • Non keyed chain winder fitted as standard
  • Can be pressure-sealed to reduce external noise and make them suitable for high-wind locations
  • Excellent insulation properties so they match well with higher-performing glass
  • Can be grouped together for better airflow without affecting the aesthetics of a home
  • Versatile, making them suitable for both contemporary and traditional-style homes
  • Easy to open even when it is raining, as awning windows can keep the water out
  • Can be locked in an open position using awning window winders with a lock

They come in a range of designs to match the overall look of your home. Awning windows are an exceptionally apt window solution if the opening space in the area of installation is wider than it is tall.


To maximise the benefits of using aluminium awning windows for your home, you also have a range of add-ons or options to choose from. These are all designed to enhance the durability and aesthetic, safety and security features of awning windows.

  • A wide range of fashionable powder-coated finishes
  • Available in various frame widths
  • Residential or commercial grade
  • Double glazing
  • Keyed chain winder available on request

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